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Hard-Boiled Eggs is a murder mystery where you play as a detective with social anxiety. Even simple conversations can be like a navigating a flurry of bullets. Luckily, you have the ability to speak to Antiques. 

Investigate a house by interrogating the objects within it. Find contradictions, cut through the lies, and discover the truth!



Arrow Keys - Move
X - Back
Z - Interact
Shift - Sprint
Escape - Pause


Left Joystick - Move
B - Back
A - Interact
X - Sprint
Start - Pause


This game is still very incomplete! If you encounter any bugs while playing, PLEASE email them to hardboiledeggsgame@gmail.com

Install instructions

Unzip project and run HardBoiledEggs.exe


HardBoiledEggsDEMO.zip 96 MB


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Finished the demo. I really enjoyed the writing and art style, and the premise is pretty unique too. That said, the mechanics of the mini game were a bit frustrating, especially when you had to play it over and over to get through each testimony branch.

Looking forward to the full game though I'd like to see improvements in the mini game.


This game got undertale hype :D i hardly understand what to do after i found all the clue